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Cyber defense with security monitoring
Security monitoring: IT security around the clock

Cyber crime is a growing threat. Do you know just how much impact malware, ransomware and APTs are having on your business? Would you be able to detect a major attack? Who will help you limit any damage? Are you already using security monitoring to satisfy compliance guidelines? Do you want more transparency from your IT?

Your goal: What should your security monitoring solution look like?

Goals Security Monitoring

An efficient security monitoring solution is a complex system of technical components and organizational units. Different original systems and personal functions as well as hardware and software tools all depend on each other and are very much interconnected. Everything has to be perfectly aligned in order to create an overall structure that gives real protection against cyber attacks.  terreActive relies on a tried-and-tested solution architecture that also shows the best way to organize yourself.

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Your benefits: What makes security monitoring so valuable for you?

Benefits for Security Monitoring
  • Protects against internal and external threats
  • Reduces losses and damage through fast attack detection and instant response to alerts, 24/7/365
  • Provides comprehensive insights into your IT infrastructure
  • Visualizes your IT security status in real time and detects anomalies
  • Guarantees transparency through continuous recording (compliance reporting) and helps satisfy legal requirements
  • Minimizes IT infrastructure downtime


The method: How can you successfully protect yourself?

The Method

A security monitoring solution's success depends on the interaction of three factors:

  • Your company's internal knowledge about the IT infrastructure
  • IT security skills (internal or external know-how)
  • IT security tools (security software and their operation)

But for your project to be a success, you also have to choose the right method.  Many years' experience in countless projects has shown that the security monitoring cycle is an efficient, tried-and-tested method of introducing and operating a security monitoring solution.


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The guide: How do we get your project off the ground?

Security Monitoring guide

If you're planning to introduce security monitoring into your company, you need to document the current situation in IT and define a target state. A subsequent gap analysis indicates what you need to factor in during implementation. Our guide is based on 20 years' experience in IT security and offers practical advice for the preparatory phase.

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The service: What support do you need?

The Security Monitoring service

Not every company has sufficient resources and know-how available for professional security monitoring. Maybe you want to use the dual-review principle to create additional security. You decide whether you only want to outsource individual services to our Swiss SOC or would prefer to buy in every aspect of operations as managed security services. Product or service – we're here to support you.

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